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Electrostatics Class 11th MHT-CET pyq's

MHT-CET 2020

1. A uniform electric field of intensity 400 N/C, exists in a certain region. How much flux will cross a given area of 10 cm² in this region, if the area vector is inclined at 60° to the direction the field?

  • (A) 0.1 Nm²/C
  • (B) 0.2 Nm²/C
  • (C) 0.5 Nm²/C
  • (D) 2 Nm²/C

2. An electron at rest is accelerated by a potential 'V1' in uniform field experiences a force 'F1'. When potential is changed to 'V2', the force experienced by the electron gets doubled. The rate of V1 to V2 is

  • (A) 1 : 4
  • (B) 4 : 1
  • (C) 1 : 2
  • (D) 2 : 1

3. A charge 'Q' μC is placed at the centre of a cube. The flux through one face and two opposite faces of the cube is respectively

  • (A) Q/12ε μVm, Q/3ε μVm
  • (B) Q/6ε μVm, Q/2ε μVm
  • (C) Q/6ε μVm, Q/3ε μVm
  • (D) Q/12ε μVm, Q/ε μVm

4. Two parallel plates separated by 'd' mm arc kept at potential difference of 'V' volt. A particle of mass 'm' and charge 'q' enters in it with some velocity. The acceleration of the particle will be

  • (A) qV/dm
  • (B) qd/Vm
  • (C) qm/Vd
  • (D) q/smV

5. Dimensions of mass in electric field and in electric dipole moment are respectively

  • (A) 0, 0
  • (B) 1, 1
  • (C) 0, 1
  • (D) 1, 0

6. A particle of mass m and charge q is placed at rest in a uniform electric field E and then released, the kinetic energy attained by the particle after moving a distance y will be

  • (A) q²Ey
  • (B) qEy
  • (C) qE²y
  • (D) qEy²

7. An electron experiences a force equal to its weight, when placed in an electric field. The intensity of the field will be

  • (A) 1.7 x I0^11 N/C
  • (B) 5.0 x 10^-11 N/C
  • (C) 5.5 x 10^-11 N/C
  • (D) 56 N/C

8. Two point charges +3 μC and -8 AC repel each other with a force of 40 N. If a charge of –5 μC is added to each of them, then force between them will become

  • (A) –10N
  • (B) 10N
  • (C) 20N
  • (D) –20N

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